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Campaign Synopsis

Ancient powers collide in The harsh frozen north.
Village after villiage falls prey to the yellow cloak rebellion. Ulfrek Yellowcloak, Jarl of Windhelm carves out his own kingdom in the north, but what dark power has he allied himself with to achieve his ambitions? Is he a hero, an opportunist, or a pawn in someone else's game? Wounded and separated from his army, he seeks shelter in tiny village beneath anyone's notice.

Meanwhile, the Wyld hunt, responsible for hunting down exterminating Solar Exalted, whom they term, the Anathema, hear word of the Witchking Ulfrek's exploits and suspect him a solar. Despite the dwindling resources allocated to the Wyld Hunt, and the myriad of troubles throughout the realm, there is still one DragonBlood who holds to his oaths, and without a full wyldhunt brootherhood, sets out to save the north from this Devil. He is Liu Bei, a young Water Aspect-ed DragonBlood of a minor house. As he travels north, word of his temperance, and evenhanded justice spread and he is joined by Zhang Fei, and Guan Yi who have traveled far in search of "a noble man". After crushing Ulfrek in battle, the brootherhood track him to nearby village.

The PC's live in this village, what will they do when to save the village from destruction, they are exalted into Solars, and that the monsters which everyone fears, turns out to be them?

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