Welcome to the Calibration Festival Tutorial!
Theme Song: Into The Woods/I Wish

As new players to the world of exalted it can be difficult to decide what character to make, when you may not know a great deal about the system, or how I run it. To that end. Welcome to the tutorial. We will be building your characters in a slightly different fashion. mwha ha ha ha ha this will be FUN! You may want to consider what sort of character you want to play, and work toward it, or you may just wish to let the chips fall where they may.
(Player can pre-generate their exalted characters, but will play normal humans at the beginning, swapping out there exalted selves once that occurs. )

The game will begin, with all Player characters as Children. Long before you exalt. Long before the "start" of the game. You will be children, partaking in your village Harvest Festival vis a vie, Never Winter Nights.
As children you will have 1 in every stat, and 1 in every virtue and be allowed to distribute ,
'+ 1 dot in each primary category stat(physical, mental, Social)
'+ 5 dot in skills, no higher then 2 in any 1 skill. No more then 1 skill at 2.
'+ 1 specialty in anything, in any skill within reason. (no you do not have a specialty in first age magi-tech).
'+1 Choose your primary Virtue Since we all know you will eventually exalt as Solar, you may wish to look over the Virtue Flaws/Limit Breaks to see one what you can deal with.

You will be free to compete for prizes in the festival events, and perhaps, just maybe, search out hidden bonuses .

The Calibration Festival

At the end of each year, is a 5 day period that belongs to no season nor month. It is a moonless 5 day holiday when many of the gods which make the world work are litterly on vacation. During this topsy-turvy time, when the world is tying up loose ends, many strange phenomena are observed. The worlds of men and spirits are closers together, and things which are impossible at any other time of year, are possible only during calibration.

In your village, calibration is celebrated as a holiday remembering when the Noble Dragon Blooded murdered overthrew the Solar Anathema. Many events are held to celebrate this achievement, teach children, and just have fun.

Festival Events:
1) The Wretched (Night caste) Obstacle Course(athletics) Yellow Rings representing windows. The wretched Anathema night caste would sneak around and look through windows and kill anyone who spoke out against their dark rule. Run to each station and close each window. Don’t go to slow thou…or the Wretched will catch you!

2)The Blasphemous (Zenith Caste) Hold your breath (Resistance) The Blasphemous were the unholy priests, of a foul cult. Hold your breath under foul water, and don’t swallow the foul teachings. Longest to resist wins!

3) The Deceivers (Eclipse Caste) Social-Fu! (Socialize) The Deceivers could make the most blatant lie the truth. 3 people stand before you, you can ask them questions, one of them is lying. Figure out which one is the Deceiver and drown him!

4) The Unclean (Twilight Caste) Arts and Crafts fair (Craft) The unclean made packs with evil spirits to aid there dark masters. Counter there darkness with light! Make little figurines and throw them into the fire!

5) The Forsaken (Dawn Caste) Calibration Brawl (Archery) When the evil Anathema needed there dark masters the most, they were abandoned, and forsaken, left to fight alone. Shoot down the targets!

A calibration festival is held every year, but nothing important happens during the next 5.
Your characters are now young teenagers, 5 years have passed.
Choose your Primary Stat Category:
'+ 4 dot in each primary category stat(physical, mental, Social)
'+ 2 dot in each secondary category stat(physical, mental, Social)
'+ 1 dot in each Third category stat(physical, mental, Social)
'+ 5 dot in skills, no higher then 3 in any 1 skill. No more then 1 skill at 3.
'+2 Virtues

A new calibration festival awaits with better prizes.

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